Happy birthday to one of my besties! 🙂 This was something Charlotte had wanted to do for a long time, and she was so excited to try something new and trendy.

For the first step, I hand painted sections of hair with bleach and 20 vol peroxide, creating a dip dye balayage look. After each section I protected the hair with clingfilm to prevent any bleeding. Once the hair reached the target shade I rinsed off the hair using shampoo. This left the hair feeling a little dry, however, using conditioner at this point would have closed the cuticle and stopped most of the colour from entering the hair shaft. This would have resulted in a patchy and much less vibrant finish.

Once the hair was fully dried, I applied an intense rasberry red colour, from the Schwarzkopf range, in order to get that nice rich tone that shines in the light. Charlotte was over the moon with the results.

To finish the look, I curled Charlotte’s hair just how she likes it. Some advise for clients that want a change in colour and want that shiny vibrant tone. Please DO NOT wash your hair everyday this WILL make you hair colour fade so much faster. I would recommend washing your hair with a red vibrant shampoo once a week or just try some dry shampoo instead.