My first fashion show at BCU! I was so excited and nervous to be a stylist at a fashion show for the first time, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I arrived it was such a busy atmosphere! Straight away the fashion designers asked me to do styles.

The first model had some simple waves which i created using my Cloud Nine wide iron for curling, and then brushing the curls out to create bouncy waves with, using some hairspray for the flyaways and Wella Shimmer Delight for a finishing gloss. I then attached a head piece to match the dress.

The next look was all about crown braids, one of my favourite looks that can be worn in multiple ways, depending on where your braid starts and ends. The first Dutch crown braid you can see was created using one braid, starting from
just behind the ear, then wrapped and pinned. When I was finished all the models had to go for a practice catwalk
so I made my way down to where all the model were putting on their finishing touches.

The second Dutch braid crown in the video was positioned differently to keep within the theme, but to add something slightly different I split the hair down the middle, then braided upwards, which left most of the volume at the top and the front with some loose curls to frame the face.

Another style I did was a double Dutch ponytail braid. I simply spilt the hair from the front to the back, spilt the front section into half along the centre parting, and braided towards the back on each side, gathered all the hair together, and I secured with an elastic to make the ponytail. I personally prefer to cover the elastics with a fine section of hair taken from the ponytail, which I wrap around the elastic, then pin underneath the ponytail. This achieves a nice clean look.

I had so much fun creating these styles to fit the look and theme of the styles, but watching was something else! I had butterflies in my stomach watching them walk down the catwalk! If only I wasn’t 5’3″ and right at the back of the audience. I swear next year I’m getting a closer seat!

Thank you Amelia Hendrickx for letting me use your video of the show!