Today Luke and I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Jodie Griffin, shooting on the streets of Birmingham. We had spoken about Jodie previously after seeing on Instagram, as we both thought she had the perfect elven look for fantasy-inspired hairstyles.

I really wanted to incorporate a hair chain I had bought from Claire’s Accessories, so for the first style I created two Dutch braids on each side of her head, combining them where they met at the back, and leaving some hair loose just in front of her ears, in order to give an elven effect. Once all four braids were combined and tied together with an elastic, I used the remaining hair from the Dutch braids to create a small fishtail braid, leaving the rest of the hair down.

For the second style, I started by undoing the fishtail braid and the lower Dutch braid from each side of Jodie’s head. I then used all of her remaining hair to create a large fishtail braid all the way to the end of her hair, and then incorporated the hair chain once again.

Jodie was an absolute delight to work with and she loved the first hairstyle, saying she wanted it for her wedding. She was so much fun and her feedback gave me a real buzz. I’m getting used to this styling-on-the-go lark, the only difficulty was finding somewhere to sit in the library to do the first style.


Model: Jodie Griffin

Photographer: Luke Hayfield

Hair: Kate Benton