Shoot Date: – 28th October 2016

Another awesome shoot with Sian and her awesome model friend Josie Dowling. I was so excited to do some styles I’ve been wanting to do with my new Babyliss Pro Crimper 210 and hair jewellery from Claire’s Accessories.

The first look was inspired by the TV shows “The 100” and “Vikings”. I created one large French braid running down the centre of Josie’s head. Either side of her head I created to Dutch braids one above the other running back until they reached her ear. From there, on one side, I dropped the top braid in order to meet with the bottom braid, and then carried on braiding downwards until I ran out of hair. I decorated the style next by adding a few hair rings which really evoked a “Vikings” vibe. Any elastics I covered with gold coloured hair clasps, as they complemented the style too. The other side was similar, but instead of descending and meeting, I merged them and made them cross over, then braiding again until I ran out of hair. I feel this really captured a “The 100” vibe, and I was inspired by the character Octavia’s hair.

For the next style I created a side-winding Dutch braid starting from above Josie’s ear, and braiding around and back along the side of head. I must admit this braid didnt turn out exactly the way i wanted it, However it was my first try and i dont think me standing up, and Josie sitting down, allowed me the best posture to style this snail like braid effect. On the other side I used my Babyliss Wave Envy Hair Styler to create volume and texture. Although not perfect, I was still happy with the style as Josie had a lot of volume and texture on one side and a chunky dutch braid on the side, and it seemed to capture and 80s style.

For the final style I decided to create a Coachella music festival style using my Claire’s Accessories hair chain. Firstly I created a centre parting for the hair chain to sit within, and then I created two triangle shaped sections from the parting line at the back of the head to the temples on either side. Next, I braided tight Dutch braids towards the face but veering around the face to the sides and gripping underneath the hair. The rest of the hair was crimped and brushed out to get maximum volume, and the hair chain fitted perfectly around the style to capture that festival look.

Model: Josie Dowling

Photographer: Sian Ashleigh

Hair: Kate Benton