What a wonderful shoot today! I was working with Luke again, and he introduced me to a lovely new model, Amy Rose Downes. This shoot was amazing and Amy already had a clear theme in mind. She wanted a Victoria’s Secret inspired shoot.

We started off by creating some loose curls with volume. To get this result I started by curling Amy’s away from her face using my Cloud Nine straighteners. Next, I brushed out the curls with my paddle brush to get a nice wave to the hair. I set the look with just a light coat of hairspray so that I could change the look easily for the next style. Amy loved this look and we used it for her first two outfits.

For the second outfit shoot, Luke allowed me to use some loose flower petals that I had with me. I stood on a chair and rained them down on Amy first. They went everywhere, but as you can see, sometimes landed perfectly. While they carried on shooting, I went downstairs and into the gardens to gather some daisies to decorate Amy’s hair for her next look.

When Amy and Luke finished the second set, I showed Amy my set of Lullabellz Light Golden Blonde Curly Weft hair extensions, which happened to match her hair perfectly. They really added some volume and thickness to her hair and Amy loved them. For the hairstyle I carefully did small Dutch braids either side of her parting, to ensure I was able to hide the clips of the extensions, and joined them where they met at the back of her head. As a finishing touch I intertwined the daisies I collected earlier into every other braid loop.

After the amazing effect of adding in the Lullabellz hair extensions, Amy and I decided to add in an extra weft of the same style. As you can see from the shoot, this really gave a glamorous look, especially with the extra volume and curls added in using my Cloud Nine straighteners and some Schwarzkopf Got2B Powderful Volumising Powder. I set the look with a light coat of hairspray and applied some Wella Shimmer Delight to give the curls a healthy shine.

I loved with Luke again on this shoot, and it was a real delight to meet Amy for the first time. She was really amazing, friendly, funny and bubbly (we took a selfie together). I think the photographs came out stunningly and working together as a team I think we nailed the brief.

Model: Amy Rose Downes

Photographer: Luke Hayfield

Hair: Kate Benton