Today I got to do another photoshoot with Luke, this time with my closest friend, Charlotte Moore, and her beautiful and well behaved dog Bailey, a Samoyed. We were shooting in Sutton Coldfield today on the streets, so I styled the first look for Charlotte at her house before we drove into Sutton to meet Luke. For the first style I decided to do small, tight braids starting from the ear, travelling upwards and tied at the centre of her parting in order to create a volumised effect at the top. Next I created tight curls so the hair would have more bounce. I did the curls using my Cloud Nine straighteners and used hairspray to set the style. Of course, I didn’t need to do anything for Bailey as he was perfect as he was!

Charlotte and I met Luke at Sutton Coldfield Train Station and skipped down to the park to find somewhere to shoot. Luke and Charlotte had never been to Sutton Park before, so the location was all down to me! Luke was immediately struck by the lighting around the Toby Carvery, so we started looking for somewhere to shoot the first style around there. It was easy to find some stunning scenery (apart from the cars driving by and other dogs exciting Bailey). As we finished these shots, the sun was setting over a nearby hill, so we relocated to there to take advantage of the stunning natural lighting (it was like a golden glow which I think brought out Charlotte’s features really well). We took some more photos with Charlotte sitting on a log as her hayfever kicked in (poor Charlotte) before I moved on to her next style.

For the second style I took out the elastic bands which had been holding the tiny braids together, and started instead to do a Dutch braid down the side of her head, all while Luke
was passing me metal rings, which I threaded the braid through as I was going. To finish I just tied the ends with small elastics.

So much fun doing a shoot with Luke and Charlotte. The park was beautiful, the weather was lovely, my model was excited and Bailey was just a delight. Luke said he was the best animal he has ever worked with! Will have to do more in the future. What do you guys think?

Model: Charlotte Moore

Photographer: Luke Hayfield

Hair: Kate Benton