Happy days! My third shoot with Luke. Luke had arranged a shoot with the beautiful Hanuszka Liszewski for the first time. As you can see, Hanuszka had fine, long, bleach blonde hair, with pastel blue tips, and her hair was lovely to work with. Luke, Hanuszka and I did this shoot on the streets of Birmingham, which was a whole new challenge for me. There was a little bit of on-and-off drizzle, and I had nowhere to plug in my tools or equipment. I had to do most of the styling in Starbucks!

For the shoot, I did two hairstyles, with some variations of the second hairstyle to finish. The first hairstyle is my interpretation of this hairstyle, worn by Evangeline Lilly in The Hobbit. I did two lace braids from either side of the head to the back of the crown, meeting in the middle. Where these strands met I braided them together down the middle of the back of the head. With the hair left from underneath the lace braids and just above the ears, I made two rope braids, one on each side, and joined joined them to the bottom of the braid at the back of the middle of the head. I then simply trimmed some flowers and pushed them into slots in the braid to add a little bit of extra colour. As it was done on fresh-bleached white-blonde hair, the style really stood out, and I loved how the braid transitioned from white to blue, giving a real fantasy effect. Hanuszka loved it.

The second hairstyle was inspired by the hair of Vikings character Lagertha, and was made up of six braids in total, lace and snake. As Hanuszka’s hair was so fine, it was easy to braid so close to the scalp, and get real definition. I loved how this came out and I added flowers for some of the final shots to add colour and enhance the look. I love how her lipstick matches the rose perfectly too (my lipstick)!

This was a great experience for me as I’d never had to work in these conditions before, and I discovered that I love it. Even though people may stare when styling in a coffee shop, we also got a lot of compliments and I can’t wait for the next shoot.

Model: Hanuszka Liszewski
Photographer: Luke Hayfield
Hair: Kate Benton