For this shoot I worked with Luke and the stunning Kayleigh Peach. We met in Birmingham and went around the streets to create these amazing images. It was a miserable, rainy, gloomy day so start we headed to the pub for some refreshments. Luke showed up with a length of fine black material and asked me to “create something” with it. I used the material to create a few different effects, which I think create an almost “Dark Goddess” look.

Being in the pub gave me the opportunity to do Kayleigh’s first hairstyle, a double Dutch corset lace braid. Phew, what a mouthful. It sounds a lot more complicated than it is, and as you can see looks beautiful. I started by doing a Dutch lace braid directly above Kayleigh’s left ear to just behind the ear. From there, I plaited this section with a standard three-strand plait, down the side of her head. I then did another Dutch lace braid directly above the first one, parallel with Kayleigh’s parting. The next step was to lace the ribbon between the two and to tighten them to get the corset effect. I love how the silver ribbon makes the detail on the hairstyle stand out.

After these shots, we went to Mcdonalds to get shelter while I created the next look. For this I took everything out of Kayleigh’s hair and then created two new Dutch lace braids, one from each temple, meeting at the back of the crown. To join these braids I used the silver ribbon again to lace through the braids and tighten them together, again achieving a corset style effect. Using the ribbon I also attached a silver ring into the joined braids to get a sort of fantasy feel.

What a shoot! I loved the final outcome and how the overlook look meshes together. Creating a whole look including the outfit, and on the spot, was a new challenge for me, but I think I did well. What do you think?

Model: Kayleigh Peach

Photographer: Luke Hayfield

Hair: Kate Benton