Today I had the pleasure of meeting Lydia James for the first time for a classic style photo-shoot with Luke Hayfield capturing some beautiful images. Once again we were on the streets of Birmingham, with all the challenges that entails. Loved it!

For the first look I wanted to do a simple bun. I did this by taking all of the hair into a ponytail at the back of the head, while leaving a 1 inch wide section, from ear to ear at the front of the head, leaving the bangs where they lay.  Next, I added some padding underneath the ponytail and created a smooth bun. I took the 1 inch section I separated at the start, and braided from the front, from the right ear to the left,  finishing off the braid by securing it into the bun with grips to hide any loose ends. I finished off by pulling on the braid a little bit to make the braid fuller and set the style with some hairspray.

For the next look I created a similar style to the first, starting out fresh again by taking everything for a blank canvas. I created another bun at the back of the head by using a ponytail, then placing the padding underneath and pinning into place to create a nice smooth bun. I separated a one inch section from ear to ear,  leaving the fringe untouched. I split this into 2  sections down a middle parting. I then braided these sections with lace braids from the sides to the back of the head meeting in the middle of the crown, at the bun. I pinned these in place under the bun make them appear as one continuous braid. Throughout the photo-shoot for this look, I placed a number of different flowers in the bun and braids to match Lydia’s floral dress.

To finish the day off Lydia got into to her black dress. I wanted to let her hair down for these shots, as for all the others Lydia’s hair had been in classic up-dos. I did this by creating a Dutch braid, going from ear to ear, and secured the braid with an elastic. I then tugged on the left side of the braid pleats, to create what would be the petals of a braided flower. From there, I started to wind the braid up into position to create a braided flower, secured in place with some bobby pins.

I loved working with Lydia today, she was so professional, and we shared something in common – we both had worked at Toni & Guy for the same boss! So we got to trade loads of gossip. Luke loves working with Lydia too, as she has such a classic look, almost like a painting. The experience working on the streets again was amazing. It was so windy, so that was a new challenge (hairspray – wind – face – argh!) Can’t wait for next time!

Model: Lydia James

Photographer: Luke Hayfield

Hair: Kate Benton