I love this team :). Back working with the stunning Rachel Perera and talented Luke Hayfield again. We took to the streets of Birmingham for an afternoon/evening shoot after a long day at college.

For the first look we decided to go with space buns and pigtails. I used the Lullabellz hair extensions to make the pigtails longer and fuller.

For the second look, we wanted a lived in, messy and bouncy ponytail. I used the Lullabellz hair extensions here too, by first wrapping the weft around Rachel’s own ponytail, and then using a small piece of hair from the pony to wrap around and cover the elastics.

For the last look, as it was getting dark, we headed into the more well lit areas of town. I created a trendy half up, half down hair style, while braiding the the top section and forming a space bun. To give the look more volume and length I also used the Lullabellz hair extensions.

Once again an amazing shoot with Rachel and Luke. Rachel did try and run away with the extensions, but no luck. We had a lot of fun shooting in Birmingham again, at loads of people were stopping to stare. I think the shots came out beautifully.

Model: Rachel Perera

Photographer: Luke Hayfield

Hair: Kate Benton