Today Luke introduced me to the lovely Rachel Perera (remember my video preview?). Rachel didn’t have much length so I added some in with my light golden blonde Lullabellz hair extensions to give us more to play with.

Firstly I created two Dutch braids along one side of Rachel’s head. Two get the effect you can see I had to clip the extensions in starting from closer to her forehead on the other side, so that they didn’t reach around enough to overlap the Dutch braids, and also to create more volume on that side. I dressed the hair with some silver hair rings to match Rachel’s silver jewellery.

For the next look we removed the Dutch braids, and I instead created a small braid along the parting, starting from the back. To finish the braid I pulled it down and to the left, tucking it under the hair extensions so that it was not visible. Finally, I added loads of volume to the hair extensions to create a messy, but volumised look.

It was such a pleasure to work with Rachel, and she loved the transformation, especially with the hair extensions. I can’t wait to work with Rachel again soon! Watch this space.

Model: Rachel Perera

Photographer: Luke Hayfield

Hair: Kate Benton