On this occasion I had two models to work with, the lovely Ana and Heather. I was so excited to try out my Babyliss Wave Envy Hair Styler, and it really gave the hair some texture for me to work with. I found that once I sectioned and waved the hair it was very soft and had a lovely shine to it with ripples in the hair. I feel like I can pull off loads of different looks. Straight away I found that it reminded me of 1920s style waves, classic mermaid hair, or a romantic wavy hair style. Also these waves lasted all day, keeping in mind that I was messing with the hair all through the shoot, the fact that the waves stayed in is amazing.

After styling Ana’s hair with the Babyliss Wave Envy Hair Styler, Sian asked me for to do a simple messy bun with loose tendrils to frame the face. This was one of the quickest styles I have done to date. I simply had to tie an elastic and half pull through on the last twist and pin into place to secure the bun.

I really thought after taking out all the pins and elastics the waves would have dropped but it pretty much looked the same just not as defined as before so i was really impressed with the Babyliss Wave Envy Hair Styler and love using it to style my own hair with – as you can see in the behind the scenes photos i had to use it myself first – which, with shorter hair gave off that 1920s vibes.

For the last part of the shoot Sian let me decide the final styles. I was so excited!! I always have too many ideas in my head, but since Ana had long beautiful blonde hair I decided to do a style inspired by my favourite TV show heroine, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. The look was inspired by her hairstyle from an episode of season 5, as I thought the waves would fit into this look.

For Heather, I still wanted to do a braid, but something that appeared a bit more loose and lived in. I took a section from the heavy side of the parting and started to waterfall braid. However, after 4 or 5 strands like this, started adding in hair from the strand above that which I was braiding, starting from the first one, going down to create a sweeping side, and finished by pulling on the strand of the braid in order to make it more full.  I thought this style really suited Heather and I was really pleased with the results.