When I arrived at the shoot Sian knew exactly what she wanted done with Ellie’s hair, a braided crown updo which is becoming really popular over Youtube and Pinterest. I parted Ellie’s hair down the middle and braided upwards twowards her face. Since Ellie’s hair is so long I was able to do a lovely full wrap around braid with some loose hair around the front to frame the face. No products needed just a few elastics to tie the ends and some pins to secure and some light tugging on the braids to make them appear fuller. I believe the term is “Pancaking”.

For some of the photos I let her hair down from the braids to get a nice beach style wavy look. This textured look on Ellie’s lovely long hair really got the mermaid look.

Rock and Roll Ellie

Model: Ellie Hill

Photographer: Sian Ashleigh

Hair: Kate Benton

Lingerie: Colieco Fashion