Yay! I got to spend the whole day with Sian and Lauren-Kate drinking tea and doing hair. I had so much fun trying out different braided looks inspired by my favourite shows like Game or Thrones or movies like Lord of the Rings.

The first style was dutch braids criss-crossing at the back, for a Game of Thrones styled look, and with a flower crown Lauren-Kate looks like a elven princess.

After that I curled Lauren-Kate’s hair to give some bounce, using some hairspray, as it was rather windy and cold that day. I also dutch braided her fringe away from her face to show off her amazing eyes, using a beautiful flower crown to finish off.

And last but not least was my favourite on Lauren-Kate – the dutch braid going down the middle, spilt into 2 braids and pinned underneath the hair on the sides, to create a elven tiara similar to what I’ve seen on Youtube.

Model: Lauren-Kate Preston

Photographer: Sian Ashleigh

Hair: Kate Benton

Lingerie: Urban Bird Clothing