What a lovely day I’ve had with Luke and the stunning Sophie Moet. We had a lovely (but tiring) day out, moving from the streets to the park. Sophie has loads of long hair, so I had plenty of options.

For the first look I decided to create a Dutch braid that started from one side and came round Sophie’s head to the other side, sitting on her shoulder. I had some new accessories today from Claire’s, some silver hair rings and hair cuffs, and I placed the rings at random throughout the braid, and used the hair cuffs to disguise the elastics.

For the second look I wanted a complete change. I started by letting Sophie’s hair down and then clipping a two-inch section of hair to the side of the centre parting. I then created a braid starting at the back the of crown, braiding up to and across the forehead, joining to the opposite side. Once the braid was completed I released the section of hair that I’d clipped over the braid, to give the effect that the braid was appearing from nowhere.  I continued this braid along the other side of Sophie’s head past her ear, at which point I stopped adding hair into the braid, and secured it with a elastic hidden by a cuff. From here I transitioned to a fishtail braid for a couple of inches, before I secured this section with an elastic and cuff, transitioning next into a snake braid.

For the next look we changed locations, moving to the park (can’t tell you which one – Luke likes his secrets). Sophie wanted to change into her white dress, so we kept the last look, just adding in a white stone hair ring at the centre of the braid crossing her forehead. I loved these action shots of flying flour. Sophie had me in stitches and it looks amazing.

Finally, we finished with a simple, yet pretty, hairstyle. I achieved this by creating a small Dutch braid on either side of Sophie’s head, connecting them at the back, and leaving the remaining hair down. I love these hair cuffs, great for hiding all the elastics! Next I attached a hair chain onto the braid at even points (for symmetry), and a small flower piercing the braid near the front to add some cuteness.

Sophie was amazing and I’d love to work with her again. Luke got some amazing shots and we were delighted with the outcome.

Model: Sophie Moet

Photographer: Luke Hayfield

Hair: Kate Benton