Vicki’s back today and, as planned after her bleach bath last time, she has decided to have an adventurous style – a pink, purple, blue and green rainbow ombre.

For the colours on Vicki’s own hair, we used the La Riche Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colours range diluted with conditioner in order to get a pastel finish. I decided to use pink at the roots, fading into purple, and then fading into blue.

Next, we moved onto colouring her blonde hair extensions. I faded the colours into each other in the same pattern as on Vicki’s own hair, but at the tips I added an extra colour, fading into a pastel green. This gave Vicki the option of wearing her hair with three colours, or using the extensions to add an extra colour into the mix at the ends as the extensions were a couple of inches longer than her own hair.

After a long night of applying a lot of colour, I washed and dried all the hair off, including the hair extensions. Next, I used my Babyliss Wave Envy Hair Styler on Vicki’s hair and the hair extensions. I then clipped the extensions in and, to finish, created a Dutch braid along the side of her head to showcase the colours.

Vicki and I were over the moon with the results! Every colour showed up perfectly! Next time I would try making the colours much brighter to see the effect and so they last longer. To do this I’ll probably have to mix colours at a higher ratio.

Model: Vicki Aldridge

Hair: Kate Benton