Vicki came to me with dark grey hair in which her natural roots had grown out. Vicki wanted to go a nice clean ash blonde, as she wanted a blank canvas for future hair colours. Ideally Vicki wanted to be able to have the choice of all the pastel colours available for her next colour appointment.

To get the amazing transformation you can see in the gallery below, I started by applying bleach to her roots, leaving it to develop for 20 minutes. If this had been a root regrowth service, I would have left the bleach to develop for longer, but today we were doing a gentle bleach bath to lift the dark grey colour, which I applied while the roots were developing to the rest of her hair (mid-lengths and ends), so I could rinse all the bleach off at the same time, as the bleach bath only needed five minutes to develop.

Once rinsed, the mid-lengths and ends were the perfect colour and Vicki was delighted. To finish the colour off, her roots needed to match her mid-lengths and ends, so I applied toner just to the roots and left to develop for 20 minutes. Once I had rinsed this off, I finished off with a trim to remove any damaged hair, like her split ends.

Finally, I styled Vicki’s hair using my hairdryer to achieve a smooth blow-dry. Once dried I applied L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil as Vicki’s hair was dry after the bleach bath.

Vicki loved the look, and next on the agenda is rainbow hair!! I can’t wait. Watch this space.

Client: Vicki Aldridge

Hair: Kate Benton